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May 23, 2020

Productivity Hacks for Kids Learning from Home

Working from home is difficult for adults — so how can children expect to fare? When children suddenly have to complete classwork from their living room, they have to ignore distractions, self-motivate, and learn new technology — all while doing it on their own. Unlike a school atmosphere, there’s no teacher supervision or help from friends.

How can you help your child be more productive while working and studying from home?

Create a Routine

Firstly, create a routine for studying with your child. Routines provide children with a sense of security and can help guide their behaviour. Your child is used to having this kind of structure at school. It helps them focus, they know when to expect breaks, and they understand how the day is structured and what’s expected of them.

Create a Workspace

A working adult’s office space is designed for comfort and productivity, so ideally, if you want your child to be productive and comfortable — they need a space, too. This workspace should be free of distractions but have a feeling of fun and approachability. Take a look at your child’s homeschooling space and consider if it promotes learning and creativity for their particular learning style.

Bonus Tip! Find a space far away from distractions like TVs, busy windows, toys, or the snacks cupboard. Collaborate with your child on where they want their workspace to be. Let your child decorate their “desk” area and make it their own.

Stay Connected

Find a way to keep your child connected with their peers. Part of the benefits of school is that it allows children to interact with each other. Staying in touch with peers promotes group work, communication skills, and problem-solving abilities.

Look for online group learning opportunities like the online classes offered at Dolphin Kids or schedule weekly chats with your child’s friends though a video forum.

Be Flexible

This is an entirely new way of learning for your child, and it’ll come with adjustments, confusion, and sometimes, a bit of frustration. Be flexible and compassionate and help your child to be adaptable and compassionate with themself. Let them know that it’s ok if they’re not learning and studying as they did while in a physical school. Some subjects are going to be more difficult for your child without a teacher in the room to help as questions come up. Help your child learn how to take a break before they get too frustrated and upset and come back to these subjects when they’re in a better headspace.

Get Creative

There are many fun ways to be learning at home that don’t involve textbooks and online learning videos. Look up fun, at-home science experiments to do together, research cool destinations and plan vacations together, and write stories for each other to perform or read out loud.

Prioritize Play

Your child looks forward to school because they get to play with their friends. Help them adjust to this new normal by scheduling time to play because it’s essential to get children moving. In fact, physical movement is vital to a child’s cognitive development and ability to concentrate. Free play will also help your child to relieve the stress they may be feeling in these uncertain times and from the struggles of homeschooling.


We’re all adjusting to a new normal, children included. It’s vital to find ways to help children stay on task and productive in this unique blended learning atmosphere. We’re social beings that need adequate exercise, sleep, water, and nutrition to function. When these basics are taken care of, there are other ways to help your child stay productive and on task.

  • Create a workspace for them to thrive
  • Make a schedule with them
  • Be flexible in the subjects they are studying and how they are learning
  • Make time for interaction with peers
  • Prioritize movement and playtime to help lessen stress and increase concentration

If you can implement all these productivity hacks and tips, your child will thrive in their new learning environment. Join one of our online lessons and programs at Dolphin Kids and help your child succeed with a fun and interactive learning environment surrounded by their peers from the safety of their own homes.

If your child is struggling to adjust to homeschooling, or you have any questions regarding our programs, get in touch with us today. Our team is here to help.