To help you achieve your highest potential in our ever-changing world.

Our Goal

Ensuring a “future-ready mind” for our fast-paced, technologically driven, modern world.

In a world that is ever-changing, increasingly connected, and highly stressful, the three future-ready skills are:

INNOVATION - The ability to generate fresh & original ideas.

COLLABORATION - Being able to learn, work and inspire others from diverse perspectives.

RESILIENCE - Overcoming obstacles, learning from mistakes, and bouncing back with renewed strength.

By developing these three skills; we hope to help reverse the rising trends of anxiety, loneliness, and perfectionism.

Who are we?

Future-ready Minds is the place to develop innovation, collaboration and resilience!

We are a collective of passionate professionals from multiple disciplines including health, wellness, psychology, medicine, nutrition, business, and leadership.

We provide unique science-based programs and counseling delivered directly to people of all ages. These latest, “kitchen-tested” social-emotional-cognitive methods combine components of mindfulness, stress management, attention & innovation training, social skills development, and more.

The unique pillars of Future-Ready Minds learning

The methodology used to achieve our goal is one of a kind and based on the neuroscience of how we learn best. Created by Dr. Shimi Kang, leading-edge psychiatrist, neuroscience expert and innovator, the P.O.D (Play. Others. Downtime) Methodology engages the three different layers of human intelligence, making learning deep, fun, and long-lasting.

How do we achieve our goals?

Your Three Brains

Three Future-ready Skills

The P.O.D. Learning activities are designed to optimize your brain through innovation, collaboration and resilience.

Optimize your head-brain with PLAY AND EXPLORATION - this leads to Innovation! Creativity is the #1 skill identfied for leadership in an increasingly complex world. Future-ready Minds programs develop a “play-mindset” of being curious, asking questions, challenging conventional thinking and creating new ideas.

Optimize your heart-brain with OTHERS! Social connection and the ability to build positive relationships with others is an imperative skill for health, happiness, success, and self-motivation. Future-ready Minds programs develop connection, communication, and collaborative leadership skills.

Optimize your gut brain with DOWNTIME! Self-care leads to resilience & rotivation. To thrive in our competitive, fast-paced, ever-changing and stressful world, we must master coping strategies, stress management, and peak performance techniques as soon as possible. Future-ready Minds programs incorporate mindfulness activities, attention training, and the cultivation of positive mental habits such as optimism, gratitude and grit.