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Leadership Program FAQs

Q.) What are the Future-ready Minds Child & Youth Programs?

Future-ready Minds™ is a scientifically-backed, experiential learning program designed by child education and mental health experts to help children and youth develop the three key future-ready skills of innovation, collaboration and resilience. 

Future-ready Minds™ incorporates the latest techniques and tools neuroscience has to offer in its curriculum, utilizing methods that enhance the child’s overall brain development. Our after-school and summer programs for kids are specifically designed for children starting from toddlers at age of 3 years to young adults in their high school and college years.

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Q.) Why should my child join the Future-ready Minds program?

By developing the three skills of Innovation, Collaboration and Resilience; we hope to help reverse the rising trends of Perfectionism, Loneliness, and Anxiety.

The world has changed. Future success will depend on the 21st-century intelligence of CQ™, made up of five key skills: Communication, Critical thinking, Collaboration, Contribution and Creativity.

Q.) What can I expect from the Future-ready Minds Program?

- Proven science based tools 
- Personalize learning - instructor: student ratio ( 6:1) 
- Fun, interactive & safe environment 
- Connection to a like-minded community of youth, parents and educators Opportunities to become student leaders through our volunteer/employment program.

Future-ready Minds™ Innovation, Collaboration and Resilience programs instill the 6 life skills that make success and learning E.A.S.I.E.R.

-Social Leadership

Q.) How is Future-ready Minds different from other workshops or camps?

We provide a curriculum that is backed by the latest neuroscience and designed by a team of highly qualified education, mental health and child development specialists.

Based on the 3 unique pillars of Future-ready Minds™ learning:

P = Play and Exploration: coach-facilitated play through uniquely curated innovation and imagination stations of hands-on games, puzzles, gadgets, technology, art, drama, music and body movement.

O= Others (social connection): communication and collaborative leadership training through break-out sessions, teamwork exercises, role play and public speaking.

D = Downtime (stress management and wellness): attention and focus training, mindfulness exercises and cultivation of positive mental habits such as grit, gratitude and optimism.

Q.) How has the Future-ready Minds theory been proved?

The Future-ready Minds™ foundation is based on solid neuroscience, child development and behavioral research. Exquisite detail and attention have been paid to translating the latest research into practical learning experiences for kids that are conducive to a child’s learning, brain development and applicable to a family’s everyday life. Every lesson has been successfully tested in the Future-ready Minds™ class environment– which incorporates child-friendly materials, time in nature,  positive body language and speech tones – all of which is grounded and supported by the latest scientific research.

Q.) What activities will my child participate in at Future-ready Minds?

Our Future-ready Minds™ summer programme offers a wide variety of activities that will encourage each child to enhance their creativity, critical thinking, communication, collaboration and consciousness skills. The camps follow our POD structure (play, others and downtime).
The children will get to experience a wide variety of activities such as:
-Innovation and collaboration challenges
-Science experiments
-Public speaking
-Art activities (painting, drawing)Building and construction activities
-Breathing, Gratitude and meditation training
-Outdoor and indoor play

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Counselling FAQs

Q.) What is counseling like?

Counseling is a great opportunity to look at what is working in your life and what can be improved.  You might be wondering what the first session will be like and what to expect. In your first session with the counselor, you will get the chance to ask questions, talk about some of your concerns, and learn about different ways people have created positive changes in their life through counseling.

In the sessions, you and the counselor will work together to explore your thoughts, feelings and the decisions that you make. Together you will create goals and through different forms of therapy you will be able to explore what works for you and what areas you can change.  Each clinician at Future-ready Minds has their own unique way of approaching therapy. We provide you with concrete tools that will assist in optimizing your health.

Your main responsibilities in counseling are to attend your scheduled session, speak as openly and honestly as you can, and be committed to doing the work with your therapist. We may suggest you try a new approach(es) to dealing with the issues you are facing and the personal goals you are wanting to achieve.

Q.) What are your cancellations/rescheduling policy?

We require 48 hours' notice to cancel or reschedule appointments. We accept emails as notice for cancellation. We charge full rate for all short notice cancellations.

Q.) What are the fees and preferred method of payment?

The accepted methods of payment are Visa or Mastercard.
*Please note, we require two business days’ notice for cancellations or rescheduling appointments.
The client will be billed for the missed session.

Q.) What Will Be Expected of Me?

To start, you’ll make the best of your sessions if you show up on time, be open and honest, and commit to the process you and your counselor begin. You will be supported by your counselor at every step of the way and the focus will be to strengthen the skills you already have alongside learning new ones. You may be given homework or new strategies to implement between sessions.

Q.) How long are the sessions?

Counseling sessions are typically 50-minutes. Should you want longer sessions, they can be made in consultation with your counselor. (For family counseling, often 90-minute sessions are beneficial.)

Q.) How do I make an appointment?

For initial appointments please send an email to if you’d like to book a session. Once you are connected with a counselor, you may also email them directly or book through your Jane account.

Q.) Are you covered under extended health insurance?

At the present time we do not offer direct billing. Please connect with your insurance provider and inquire about yearly limits, deductibles and coverage limitations before you book your first appointment. Some of our counselors are covered under First Nations Health Authority and ICBC.

Q.) How many sessions do I need?

The number of sessions depends on the area of need. We strongly encourage clients to book at least 4-6 sessions, so the counselor and the client have the opportunity to create a collaborative treatment plan and begin the therapeutic process.

Q.) How often do I need to book a session?

Research suggests that sessions should be frequent at the start of the counselling process and decrease as goals are being achieved. We recommend weekly sessions to start, so your counselor can complete an in-depth assessment and goals for therapy can be established.  Since every client has different needs, we encourage you to connect with your counsellor regarding frequency of sessions.

Coaching FAQs

Q.) What is coaching?

Coaching is an ongoing relationship between the professional coach and the client, which focuses on the client taking action toward the realization of their vision, goals or desires. Coaching uses a process of inquiry and personal discovery to build the client's level of awareness and responsibility and provides the client with structure, support and feedback.

Q.) Why do I need a coach?

There are as many ways a coach can help you as there are dreams and goals. It all depends on what you need. Ultimately, coaching can help you move forward faster and achieve the results you are looking for.

People hire a coach because:
-They want clarity around what is holding them back.
-They want to achieve a dream or goal.
-They want to grow personally and/or professionally.
-They want to see faster results than doing something on their own.
-They want someone to help keep them focused and accountable.
-They want to improve their performance or gain a new skill.
-They want to get out of their comfort zone and have someone there to guide them.

Q.) What is the difference between coaching and counseling?

Coaching is considered to be distinct from psychotherapy. Most coaches engage in coaching with generally well-functioning individuals. Coaches are helping people succeed with their most important goals - not treating mental disorders. Our coaches are trained in the Future-ready minds philosophy and work with individuals to help them optimize their mental health.

Counseling generally deals with emotional or behavioral difficulties, trauma and/or past painful situations. The aim in counseling is usually to bring the client to normal functioning. Counseling is provided by a licensed professional and at Future-Ready Minds our counselors all have a minimum Master’s level education.

Q.) How many sessions do I need?

That depends on you and your needs. Some people hire coaches for a specific time-sensitive project or goal and others for much longer terms. Keep in mind that in order to see meaningful change we do ask for a minimum commitment of 4 sessions. The number of sessions you receive in a month varies depending on the coach and the agreement you create with them.

Q.) What is the Future Ready Minds coaching process like?

We start each coaching engagement with a comprehensive interview. This allows us to develop a deep understanding of you, your life stories, and your underlying operating system in a short period of time. With this knowledge, we then begin to help you think about your situation and your life in new ways. We ask powerful questions, we assign individualized homework, we utilize proprietary exercises and processes, and we often evaluate individualized metrics to help you tap into your unique potential. Our process is invigorating; you will begin to find clarity, change your mood states and take powerful new actions in multiple areas of your life.